School Spaces

Designing rooms that cater to the needs of educators is simple with our collections of flexible school furnishings. Blend proven room types with contemporary, adaptable furniture that supports collaborative teaching styles to create unique, effective learning environments.

Classroom Spaces

Our innovative collection of versatile classroom furniture is designed to accommodate rapidly evolving education demands. From elementary to STEM classrooms and everything in between, educators can be sure to find flexible, adaptable options for their space.

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Learning Commons

Maximize functionality in shared spaces with soft seating, powered lounge furniture, and more with our flexible learning commons collection. Cultivate conversations after class and encourage impromptu brainstorming sessions with a variety of comfortable, stylish options.

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Science and Lab Spaces

Find furniture designed to be tested in your science classroom. From standard equipment to chemical-resistant options, our selection of innovative lab furnishings makes it easy for educators to create effective and safe learning environments.

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From robotics to 3D printing and every other DIY activity, our Makerspace collection is ready to support hands-on learning. We offer educators a variety of flexible, functional furniture to help them keep students organized through every creative project.

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Café and Cafeteria Spaces

Create dynamic dining areas perfect for students to gather, discuss, and study. Our versatile cafeteria furniture can accommodate all of your students and is designed to be easily arranged and stored by educators or other staff.

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Library and Collaborative Spaces

Create a comfortable, appealing learning environment with our collection of library and media center furniture. With broad tables, flexible seating, and versatile shelving options, you can find the perfect pieces to support effective individual and group study sessions.

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Everything you need for your unique learning environments
Every learning space has unique needs in order to effectively support educators and their students. Whether you’re looking to furnish a children’s library or a high school science lab, our expansive selection of products can help you achieve your goals. Pairing the right folding cafe tables and café booths for common areas or finding modular soft seating and collaborative whiteboard desks for classrooms can be a challenge, which is why we asked our team of experts to design products for every room type that encompass all of the moving variables and simplifies the entire process for you.
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